Super Skipping!

Today we met Gemma who taught us amazing skipping skills. Gemma, who has represented Great Britain in skipping championships, taught us how to do basic skipping, to skip from side to side, to star jump while skipping, running on the spot while skipping, skipping forwards and backwards, and skipping with a partner!

Gemma was very good at skipping and she showed us some of her cool skills – the rope was going so fast, that it made a whipping sound!

Most of us really enjoyed ourselves!


Welcome to wonderful and unstoppable Year 3’s!

We are finally up and running on our blog, and we can’t wait to share all the amazing things we get up to!

We’ve had pumped up Year 3’s at the start of the year, ready to learn!

We have enjoyed learning :

  • about the BFG – The Bloodbottler, The Fleshlumpeater, Sophie
  • Spanish – learning the numbers to 10
  • about Sheffield and it’s production of steel

Plus lots more!

Keep checking back for more exciting updates!!