Back to the Stone Age!

On Tuesday, we went to Creswell Crags in Worksop. We were split in to two tribes – the Mammoth and the Cave Lion tribes!

When we got to Creswell Crags, the Mammoth tribe went into the caves first. To get to them, we had to walk around a lake that was in a gorge! They were set into the rocks around the lake. These caves had actually been used as homes by people during the Ice Age. We were allowed into the cave, and found it was incredibly gloomy, smelly and wet. They showed us an animal skull that had been found inside the cave, at the back. Some of us thought the cave was absolutely terrifying and scary, whilst some thought that it was incredibly exciting to be inside caves that were actually lived in by cavemen, thousands and thousands of years ago.




We were also taught survival skills! We had to work together as a team to make a shelter out of really long sticks, firs and rope. In the Stone Age, rope would have been made out of animal guts/ intestine or leather.


Afterwards, we went hunting for food. We practised throwing a spear at a reindeer (don’t worry, it was a cut out of one!). We had to aim for the eye or the neck for an instant kill. We found this really difficult and wondered have survived long!


Once hunting was over, we tried to build a fire to keep us warm and to cook food on. We used a bow, a stick and two different sized pieces of wood – the smaller one to hold the stick in place and the other at the bottom. By moving the bow, we twisted the stick, which created friction. If we were better skilled and had more time, we could have started our fire this way.


We were so lucky to have the sun shining, especially as were were outside for most of the day!


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