What’s the exchange rate??

We have been adding multiples of 10 to 3 digit numbers this week. The children have worked with manipulatives to calculate the answers to calculations.   We have discussed “exchanging” 10 lots of 10 for 100.  This is expressed perfectly in this pictorial representation of the calculation 590+20.    Keep calculating Y3!


Special delivery!

This morning, we had a very exciting, special delivery! We received a letter from the BFG! Can you believe it?! He said he had heard us talking about him and wanted to know all about us! We hope the Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeating giant haven’t heard about us too!


Anti bullying week!

On Wednesday, Year 3 looked at what bullying is and what to do if it it happens to them or they see it happening. They looked at different possible scenarios and what strategies they could use.


Super steel!

Thanks to these girls for bringing in a variety of things related to our glorious city of Steel. Jessica brought in a leaflet on the process of making steel, from her grandad who worked in the industry; Matilda for bringing in a ‘made in Sheffield’ steel letter opener and to Sophie for bringing in a beautiful steel and metal made gift from her dad.


Marvellous Monkeys!

Look at all these monkeys climbing up our tree! Every time your child gets 5 signatures on their reading log, they can move their monkey.  That’s just 15  minutes of reading per signature, and remember that it doesn’t have to be your school book; it could be reading a magazine, newspaper, comic or favourite book or simply sharing reading time with an adult! 

Have a great reading weekend!


Can you Guess the Baby?

In their RE lessons, the children have learnt about Baptism.   They have talked about the important promises made, and have shared photographs of their own Baptisms.   Can you identify which babies are in the photos? There is room on our board for more photos if you would like to send in your special photos to share with the class. 


Homework Awards….it could be you!

Last week some children were awarded Homework Award certificates. Children who handed in all their homework on time last half term were given a certificate to celebrate their success.   

 Tomorrow is the due date for this week’s homework…remember to hand yours in! (And remember to put your name on it so we know to tick you off our list!)