I wish it could be Christmas every day…

Although if every day was like today we would be very tired….! We have celebrated our Timestable Rock Star achievements in a special assembly, we shared our Winter Warmer songs with the whole school, we PARTIED(!) and after lunch we enjoyed some more of the BFG film before going into our special Christmas service.   That’s as well as finishing our chocolate Christmas trees and decorating them. ​


Rocking around the Christmas Tree

What a busy day here at school today! We have been super busy in the Y3 classroom making  delicious white chocolate Christmas trees and decorating them with Mrs Pill.   Don’t they look delicious? The children will take them home at the end of the day. Bon appetit! 


Snow is falling….

Yesterday children in Y3 learnt all about snowflakes.   Their formation, their strength, and their uniqueness.  The children tried their hand at origami and created their own beautifully individual snowflakes.   What a fabulously frosty window we produced!

We then took our new found knowledge of snowflakes and used it to write acrostic poems.   Science,poetry, and art all in one morning!