What is the mass of this hippo?

Not a question you hear everyday, but today we started our new Maths unit; we will be looking at measuring mass, length, and volume.   We looked at different types of weighing scales and started learning about how to read the weighing scales to determine the mass of various objects….including a hippo!

If you have weighing scales at home, why not try weighing different things with your child? Tweet us pictures of the objects you weigh…are there any hippos out there?!


We’ve got the whole world in our hands!

In Geography last week we marked Earth Day by considering the impact humans are having upo Planet Earth. The children were very aware of our role as guardians of the Planet Earth and were full of ideas as to how we could make a positive difference.   Each child wrote down an action they would take to give Planet Earth a helping hand and wrote their action on a cutout of their hand.   As you can see it makes a beautiful display.

This week in Geography we looked at how the world is divided into continents and oceans.  We have started creating our own world maps…watch this space…..


If you go down to the woods…

As we were last week’s golden broom winners (wooo), we decided to have our 10 minutes extra playtime down in the woods. Over winter, we haven’t been down as much, so we thought we’d go down there to remind us of our class purpose; teamwork and exploring.

Well, we did not expect to see what we found. Would you believe, that we found evidence of Stig living down there?! We found a den hidden away in the brambles, a tub that could have been used to carry the chalk, and a bow and arrow amongst other things.

We searched and called out for Stig and Barney but they didn’t appear. Perhaps they were off on one of their many adventures…


Musical Movie Magic!

For arts week, we brought the ancient Stone Age cave paintings into the 21st Century by creating short animations of a hunting scene. We used the skills we learnt with Mr Robinson on Scratch Jnr, to create our animated hunting scenes. Once we had perfected these, we used a range of musical instruments to create a musical score to accompany our animations, which we screened today!


I wish it could be Christmas every day…

Although if every day was like today we would be very tired….! We have celebrated our Timestable Rock Star achievements in a special assembly, we shared our Winter Warmer songs with the whole school, we PARTIED(!) and after lunch we enjoyed some more of the BFG film before going into our special Christmas service.   That’s as well as finishing our chocolate Christmas trees and decorating them. ​